Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brindles: A Wild Gelato Journey

Originally Posted: May 15 2010

What’s up, people? Amanda here reporting on a real awesome joint you need to check out!

While selling a handful of books at Half-Price Bookstore Davilin and I stumbled across a little shoppe named Brindles within Huebner Oaks shopping area. Brimming with money, okay it was like 12 dollars, we figured that it’s just enough for a nice scoop of gelato. We went in and I thought “Hmm, this is cute! A nice place to study (with free wifi) and Oh My God, those are purple walls!”

We quickly scurried to the fantabulous wall of flavors and take a look at the colorful gelato section, not even yet touching the 20 or so flavors of ice cream they have in case (a total of about 40+ frozen flavours). Everything at first seemed pretty basic with all of the normal players in the gelato world: lemon, coconut, crème brulee’ and then out of nowhere popped hibiscus lemon ginger. We both did a double take on that one. By the way,it was delicious!

Of course, during this process we’re tasting and sampling and moaning and cooing. Little did we know, the helpful old man serving us was the owner. Owner, Steven Sima had been working the counter the entire time. While we continue gushing over the sorbet, Mr. Sima starts telling us that he and his wife cook up most of the flavors making use of fresh ingredients. “We got the pears today from H.E.B” I remember him saying as I totally oozed over the pear sorbet.

Our first time ordering at Brindles we kept it simple so I got the Lemon sorbet for my first scoop and my second scoop was hibiscus lemon ginger. Davi’s first treat was coconut and peach mango. The sorbets had real bits of fruit and was totally mouth watering. We both got a small, that’s 2 nice heaping scoops for only about 3 dollars; this is good stuff at any price!

After our first visit we decided that we had to go again. It was on our second trip that we went in with a clear mission: try as many flavors as we can without looking too gluttonous. Here is what we thought of a few flavours:

The crème brulee was sweet and buttery while sour cherry reminded us a bit of yogurt and didn’t pack the sour punch expected. The tiramisu contains real marsala wine and you can definitely taste it from the second it hits your tongue yet still managed to remain light and amazing. The sweet and airy pannacotta was delicious and lemon custard was bright and lemon-y but not too tart. The signature flavor “brindle,” a butterscotch fudge was fudgy and had a nice crunch from the bits of praline mixed into it. Being in San Antonio, Texas we had to try the azteca which had a nice cinnamon flavor and pleasant crunch from mini chocolate chips. We also tried a handful of other delightful flavors (we wish we could have tried them all!!!) such as lollipop and the pear sorbet I had been salivating over.

It was on this second visit that we learned from manager, Kelly Miller, more of the details of the place. (All of which can be found on their Facebook. page.) We learned that the place hasn’t changed locations since it opened in September of 2001 and that the place was inspired by the Simas trip to Italy. We were also told a little piece of trivia, actual Italians go to Brindles! I mean, that’s HUGE in the food world; like, seriously not too many Chinese people go to P.F. Chang’s when they’re craving food from back home.

Oh! Did I mention that they have paired up with the local Half Price Bookstore. (located right next door)? Bring in your receipt and get a discount on any coffee beverage. Speaking of, they have a fantastic selection of coffees and other coffee-like drinks including Italian sodas with an amazing selection of syrup choices and affogato (gelato, espresso, and whipped cream).

Over all, Brindles is an amazing place for anyone at any stage of life, be it the college student looking for a chill place to study and break away or a parent with their children searching for a quick and inexpensive treat to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. On the cupcake scale this gets 5 out of 5: Total Mouthgasm! Like seriously jizz in your pants good! I recommend it to everyone!

Post By: Amanda C.

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