Monday, January 31, 2011

What is a Puccia?

A puccia is a wood fired italian sandwich and if you've never had one you are missing out. I accidentally learned what a puccia was because it was lunch time, I was hungry, and I really wanted to eat from a food truck. After much wandering around the streets of dowtown Austin with my room mate Naomi we decided to pull over and get a puccia, not knowing what that was but being interested none-the-less. While we tried to decide what to get the owner, Lucky, handed us a slice of proscuitto and told us about items not on the menu like the pastrami puccia.

What is a better way to have a puccia than from a little italian man named Lucky? Not much, except maybe nutella...oh wait, there's a nutella puccia! Lucky’s Puccias is a cute little trailer eatery located at 5th and Lamar in Austin next to the Tiniest Bar in Texas. At Lucky's Puccias they serve authentic wood fired Italian sandwiches...Yummm. Also, in order to serve the freshest product to their costumers they pay strong attention the organic market to purchase organic ingredients. It's totally worth it, and you'll understand when you get a piping hot puccia with char marks and melty cheeses from a little italian man at your car window on a cold day. Did I mention they make the bread fresh to order? Also available are a selection of flavoured oils such as basil and truffle, fresh vegetables, cheeses, and did I mention nutella? Also, don't forget to ask about the daily specials like smoked salmon or pastrami.

So, the next time you're in Austin, Texas and jones-ing for a hot, cheesy, fresh from the fire puccia, you should hit up Lucky's Puccias. They call in orders too so you can pick it up without the wait.

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